Dried Spinous Flueggea(Katupila) plant Powder

  • May help lower blood sugar
  • Could increase insulin production
  • May improve insulin sensitivity
  • Provides antioxidants
  • May reduce risk of diabetes complications

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Well slap me sideways, the prickly spinous flueggea is one fascinating bush! With its oval leaves and thorny branches, this sucker may look like a spiky mess, but it hides some nifty secrets. Originating in tropical Asia and Africa, studies show sipping tea made from its roots and leaves can get your blood sugar grooving. The locals have used it for years to help control diabetes! Steep the leaves to get antioxidants too. So if you’re looking to shake up your diabetes routine, give this pointy plant a shot! Despite its sharp edges, spinous flueggea may be a smooth, natural way to regulate your glucose. Ain’t Mother Nature something?


How to Make a Katupila Tea



  • 1-2 tsp dried spinous flueggea powder
  • Water
  • Lemon juice or honey (optional)


  • Tea kettle or pot
  • Fine mesh sieve
  • Cup
  • Spoon


Step 1: Boil water in a tea kettle or pot.

Step 2: Add 1-2 tsp of dried spinous flueggea powder per cup of hot water.

Step 3: Allow the tea to steep for 15-20 minutes to extract the active compounds.

Step 4: Place a fine mesh sieve over a cup and strain the tea to remove any powder debris.

Step 5: Add lemon juice or honey to taste if desired.

Step 6: Drink 1-2 cups of the spinous flueggea tea daily for blood sugar regulation.

Caution: Monitor your blood sugar closely when first using this tea, especially if on diabetes medication. Discontinue use if any adverse effects occur.


100g, 50g


Craft Bag, Silver Foil


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Dried Spinous Flueggea(Katupila) plant Powder

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