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Frequently Asked Question!

We do not currently have an affiliate program, but it is definitely in our future plans. 

Although our products are made entirely from organic ingredients, we do not possess formal organic certifications recognized by the industry. Despite this, we ensure that our products are made with the utmost care and attention to organic principles, so you can trust that you’re getting only the best.

Payment issues are annoying! Our payment processor or your credit card issuer might block a payment for lots of different reasons.

Here are some of the most frequent issue:

DECLINED 82: It’s likely that you did not enter the CVV field correctly.

INVALID TRAN: This one is hard to pinpoint, it’s possible that your credit card number is invalid, that the address verification service failed or that the card itself is not valid anymore.

DECLINED NSF: If there are not enough funds to cover a transaction, the NSF (Non-sufficient funds) error will arise.

Suspected fraud: Your bank might decline the transaction for a number of reasons if they deem it is too risky. Suspected fraud errors may arise if the billing address does not match the credit card address. 

Please contact us if you have not shipped it after 3-5 business days. (alternatively, check your spam, we never know!)

Some shipping methods do not have a tracking number. In most cases, an order is delivered within 15-30 days.

A 7-day shipping order will usually be shipped in 2-3 days (+ handling) using a faster method like DHL or UPS.

We ship from Sri Lanka.

If you are interested in distributing our products, please write us at the – We may be able to offer you advantageous offers based on your anticipated volume. 

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